Andrea Conticelli has been involved in the meat industry since the 80's, when he started as a butcher in the family shop in San Gimignano (SI), which was opened by his father Angiolo in 1957 and from where, in the 90's, he left to take up business as a wholesaler; first to the General Markets in Siena, then forming a partnership with the longstanding firm of Cellesi Silvano & C to create Conticelli & Cellesi.

He then went on to open his own new warehouse in Colle Val d'Elsa (SI), still operating as the Conticelli partnership, which he managed until the end of the nineties.


In 2000 he moved to Bologna, collaborating with various other important bodies in the meat and general food sector, finally settling in Friuli Aquileia in 2005, where today he operates his business as a meat broker for foreign companies.

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La garanzia di avere la carne migliore, prezzi competitivi, assistenza costante e una consegna puntuale.

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